SeaTrip’s voyage began as the 1st prize winners of ESA’s* Copernicus Hackathon 2020 in Athens. Our idea was based on our team’s shared core values: Love for the sea, respect for the environment and an endless drive for innovation. While this shortly lived shared voyage came to an end in the best way possible, this is only the first out of many that are to come. Sea tourism can be an expensive hobby. We want to offer a trustworthy solution accessible to all of those that love the sea. Aimed at a viable and sustainable sea tourism, friendly to the marine environment, we developed SeaTrip.

A mobile and web application that takes advantage of geospatial data and offers small boats a low-cost solution for navigating coasts safely and at the same time gives its users the option to protect the marine environment no matter the boat size. Lovers of the sea stay tuned.

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